It Was For Me

It’s often said that God works in mysterious ways. I would say that this is a very true statement. More often than not, he does things in a way that surprises me and comes out of left field. Today, I witnessed God do His mysterious work, subtlety. So much so that had I not been really paying attention, it would have gone completely unnoticed. God does amazing things for me and my family everyday. Wakes us up, watches over us, provides good health, food, clothing, shelter, gifts us with sun rises, sunsets and everything in between. I am always grateful. I always notice. But today, this answer, I might have overlooked. This was unexpected. As I shared with a friend over lunch about a place God was walking me through, I was really seeking answers and clarity. She shed light and wisdom on it for me and encouraged me. Later as I walked to a co-workers office, someone had stopped by and placed a book in her door. The front of the book actually had my words right in the title. I had literally just spoke them at lunch. Intrigued, I turned it over and read the back cover…it was for me. It was in her door but it was for me. I asked her if I could read it after she finished and she said I could go ahead and borrow it she had already read it and done the study that goes with it. It was signed by the author with a note for her. But it was for me. I have had similar things happen and it never ceases to amaze me. I was looking for revelation. I was desperate. There it was…He listens, He knows, He is an amazing God. He does so much for me, for you. Do we always notice…maybe some things. But sometimes when I need an answer I want God to answer in a big, timely way. I know He often answers in a still, small voice in His time. But I still love when He shows up Big. Today He answered quietly but in His Big Way. And somehow I was so focused on needing to hear from Him that I almost completely missed it. Pay attention when you are seeking after God. Pay attention. Maybe he will drop the answer in your lap…or maybe He will stick it in your co-workers door and whisper into your spirit through encouragement and a lunchtime conversation with a friend. Listen…be still…and know He is God.

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