Love Lifted Me

Love.  It is a powerful word.  We love different people and things with different kinds of love. We love our family. We love our friends. We love our new boots. We love our hobbies. And hopefully above all these things we love Jesus. 

But do we really love people?  You know, like Jesus wants us to?

On Valentine’s Day, we see love expressed everywhere in the form of balloons, flowers, chocolate. These things are given as a symbol of our love.

It’s easy to love people on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to love people on a day devoted just to loving people. I mean, who can mess that up, right?

Thank goodness Jesus doesn’t just love us on Valentine’s Day.  His love shows up every day. His Mercy is anew every morning. Jesus loves us when we’re cranky and when we’re struggling.  As a matter of fact, He does his best work in our weakness.  Does it overwhelm you to think that “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8, NIV)  This scripture begins by letting us know that this was God demonstrating His own love for us.  Try to wrap your mind around that for just a minute.  Yes, I know, we all know that Jesus died for us.  But just for a minute, stop reading this blog post and quietly ponder the fact that the Creator of the universe used the ultimate sacrifice of His only son to extend an invitation to you.  There is no human being on the planet that can offer you this type of gift:  The gift of salvation.  Eternal life.

While we were in our sin and to most, seemingly unlovable,  Love nailed itself to a tree for us.   It’s hard to imagine giving your life for someone.  Especially, when you know they are just a wretched sinner.  We are all just that, and thankfully because of this love, we can choose to accept this gift.  Jesus sees something in hearts that we struggle to see.  He sees the real,  raw condition of all of our hearts.  I believe that deep within most everyone is something good.  I believe that deep down in the dark recesses of a broken person’s heart,  past the pain and all the junk- there is a place eager for redemption.  Sometimes, it takes them almost a lifetime to come to terms with it, but it’s there.

As Christians, we desperately need to remember that not everyone has walked the aisle, or prayed a silent prayer.  Everyone did not grow up in church.  I didn’t grow up in a home where my parents went to church. Neither of them came to know Christ until I was grown and married.  I went to church and sometimes my mom went.  I always went to church.  I always wanted to go to church and God always sent someone eager to take me. Sometimes, the sweet lady up the road took me.  Every summer, another sweet lady picked me up and took me to vacation bible school.  But no one spoke the love of Jesus into me every day.  No one prayed over me before I went to school everyday, like I do with my children.  But Jesus filled the gap in my life.  He sent the people to speak into my life.  He sent the people to lift me up.  But what if those people had not been so obedient to do what God calls us all to do? 

As Christians, we need to remember that Christ did not come for the perfect people.  He came for the broken.  Jesus does not need our perfection.  He does not need us to come to salvation and then keep it to ourselves.  We have to tell others about our failures, our scars, and our redemption. And if we are not sharing all He has done for us with those that really need to hear it, then, friends,  we have really missed the point. 

So, at the end of this day devoted to candy hearts and flowers take a moment and challenge yourself to try to love like Jesus, be bold like Jesus and pray for someone who desperately needs Him tonight.

As this day that is all about love draws to an end, take a minute to lift a heart to Jesus.




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