Evening Reflection & Prayer

This is not the time during Lent when I normally read these verses, but I just needed to think about this tonight. I needed my eyes on Jesus and I needed His agenda firmly in front of me…I thought I would share. It was just before the Passover Festival. Jesus knew that the hour hadContinue reading “Evening Reflection & Prayer”

The Bigger Picture

I wouldn’t call myself a control freak. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself that. (Haha) But I could understand if someone else might recognize my struggle. I don’t have a control issue so much with people as I do with details and circumstances in my life. I pray everyday for God to have his handContinue reading “The Bigger Picture”

Honest Thomas

Ah. Thomas. The disciple. The loyal. The doubter. He and I have a lot in common. I decided to take the time leading up to Resurrection Sunday, (or Easter if you prefer) to study¬†some of the disciples that Jesus chose to walk alongside Him during His earthly ministry.¬† I have read about them before butContinue reading “Honest Thomas”